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studentsElite Canadian Homestay will provide you with a Host Family based on the information provided in your Student Application. It is very important for you to provide Elite with information about any special needs; i.e. diet restrictions, allergies or medical needs. This information will help us match you with the right Host Family. An Elite Program/Placement Coordinator will personally interview the prospective Host Family in their own home before placing any student with a Host Family. We want you to be with a family who can relate to you and will spend time with you while you are in Canada. Your stay with a Host Family will depend on the program you have enrolled in and the length of time you are in Canada.

Elite Canadian Homestay Student Guarantees:

If you are not comfortable with your host family, Elite will provide you with another Host Family, if the problem cannot be solved. There will be no additional charge to you if this change is made within 2 weeks of arriving in Canada.

Elite Canadian Homestay Host Family Commitment:

Elite Canadian Homestay Students will:


students2The Canadian Government, Immigration Canada, requires all students under the age of 18 who apply for a study permit, must have a legal custodian who will act as your natural parent if there is an emergency or you require medical attention. The Custodian must provide proof in the form of a notarized declaration. It must be signed by the natural parent of the student and the custodian in Canada. Elite normally arranges for the Host Family to be your custodian, occasionally your Placement Coordinator will be your custodian. Your Custodian also signs for any school permission slips while you are in Canada.

Academic Year students please remember that you must apply for a study visa if you wish to receive final marks from your High School. It is illegal in Canada for a school to provide you with marks if you do not have a Study Visa. A Visitors Visa is not sufficient.

Student Visa for International Students:

All students studying in Canada longer than 6 month must have a Student Visa

If you are studying for less than 6 months, you must apply for either a Student Visa or a Visitor's Visa. If you apply for a Visitor's Visa you will not receive final marks from your Canadian High School.

When applying for a Student Visa, you will require a "Letter of Acceptance" from the High School you will be attending. Elite Canadian Homestay will supply you with this letter when your application is complete and all funds have been received.

Please note: a Canadian High School will not provide a "Letter of Acceptance" unless Elite Canadian Homestay has paid the full tuition fees. Elite can only pay the school if the student has paid Elite.

Canada does not pay hospital or medical services for visitors. Elite recommends you have your own medical travel insurance.

Download a recently received student letter (32kb pdf)

Download Student Application Form (36kb pdf)